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De una promesa, surgió mi resurrección.

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2016

A day in Copenhagen.

*This section of the blog will be always in English*


Hi everyone! I have decided to come back, I´m living now a wonderful experience that deserves to be written.
 Since this August I have been in Denmark as part of my Erasmus. Is my last year of university and I have to take this chance, studying abroad is one of the things I have in my bucket list.
Now is the time to discover, grow, meet friends from all over the world, fail, hit, travel...

Denmark is a really beautiful country, so much different from Spain. With these posts I pretend to create a window from here to the world, I want you to know about my stories, the culture, my friends, my feelings...  And why not? Also improve my English.

Don´t forget your map!
(Actually, Siri was the one that helped us) 
Yesterday some international students and I were in Copenhagen (Capital City) for a really funny and nice Salsa Class. Salsa4water is a non-profit organization that collects money with the purpose of give clean and health water in poor communities. What do you get for only 40DKK? A Cuban Salsa Class! Amazing :)

After that, we spent the rest of the day visiting touristic places in Copenhagen (CPH)

Once in a year there is a free car day in the city, they close some streets and people go to the streets and enjoy the day with the little kids. You could paint the streets with chalk. There were a lot of people with a huge talent for drawing. Awesome. 

Spread love all over the world. 

 Listen to the music of the planets make while they are moving.

I know one thing for sure, Danish people love hotdogs, and I know why. They taste so good! You can try delicious food at the market food (Not the one that is in Paper Island) It´s the same as La Boquería in Cataluña or El Mercado de San Miguel. There you can try food from all over the world, and the most important thing: in the Spanish place they have San Miguel!   (Yeah!)

In Danish, the sausage røde pølser is so typical, in fact some people says that is one of the traditional dishes in Denmark since the hot-dog become so popular here. 

This is a must in your travel to Copenhagen: Nyhavn Harbour. The most emblematic place in the city, with these colorful houses and the little bars in the street! Such a nice place. 

Live the life you love.
Love the life you live.

* Alicia Méndez, 2016

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